Congratulations to our ten GSS awardees

CRBLM is pleased to announce the awardees of our Graduate Scholar Stipends:

  • L. Arnaud (V. Gracco and L. Ménard)
    Imaging of neural mechanisms and functional connectivity associated with auditory performance in congenitally blind adults
  • H. Banihani (A. Nadig)
    Memory profiles in children with autism spectrum disorders and in children with specific language impairment
  • K. Cha (R. Zatorre and M. Schönwiesner)
    Role of functional connectivity in auditory feature reprentation in human auditory cortex
  • A. Chauvin (N. Phillips)
    Executive control in bilinguals
  • C. Giacosa (V. Penhune and K. Hyde)
    Brain and behavioural correlates of dance
  • D. Goodhue (M. Wagner)
    Intonational contours and their interpretation in dialogue
  • K. Haeuser (S. Baum and D. Titone)
    The neuro-cognitive basis of idiom processing
  • K. Kolne (L. Gonnerman and S. Rvachew)
    The morphology advantage: Evaluating a new approach for improving children's spelling ability
  • L. Pierce (F. Genesee and D. Klein)
    Early age effects in language acquisition and attrition: Evidence from international adoptees, Chinese-French bilinguals, and French monolinguals
  • I. Royal (I. Peretz)
    Modulation of the auditory evoked potentials through transcranial magnetic stimulation
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